Best of 2017

With each cycle’s end, there’s a moment of retrospection, and for me this is a special year as it marks the start of this adventure on Science Kindle, my space to comment on science.

This beginning has given me the opportunity to share on different topics and disciplines, starting with a personal favorite on spotting the International Space Station, and how I consider the journey on Science the greatest adventure; and continuing on topics in cosmology, physics and math; and going deep on aspects of Life. and particularly about eclipses, considering the spectacular event we witnessed in the United States, and most of America; including articles that describe the mechanics of eclipses, and the Saros cycle which allow to calculate how often they occur; and concluding with the incredible event we had on August 21st.

The experiences have been excellent, and it is my plan for 2018 to offer even better content and more interesting articles on science and mathematics, following the main lines of physics and astrophysics and going deeper into topics related to quantum physics and touching some subjects of applied sciences.

Favorite articles:



The revision on Life was a very profound and interesting article, probably not for everyone, as it presents a pragmatic view on how life began. And for me it is the most inclusive view on this subject.

How far is that?

How far is that?

The journey on how a series of discoveries allowed the distance measurement of more distant stars, and how these methods allowed us to realize that the cosmos was a much bigger place than initially thought.

Dawn of Quantum Physics.

Dawn of Quantum Physics.

A personal favorite is also the great story on the origin of quantum physics; is a tale of how an engineering problem triggered the research that gave the opportunity to originate the most successful physics theory.

And of course, the great experience of the Total solar Eclipse on August 21st, my second opportunity to experience this phenomenon in all its splendor, and having the opportunity of documenting it in this personal video:

So, for now, this is all for 2017, and I look forward for the opportunity to share more about science in this coming year 2018.

Regards, Alex – ScienceKindle.

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