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Hello again, I hope you’re enjoy your visit.

I’m Alejandro, curios and fan of Science and technology, always looking for the next big thing in science; I try to keep up with new developments in this field that I love and for which I feel great passion. I certainly believe that having valuable information and new learning experiences, including those related to Science, is a great way to feel the excitement and intensity of life, and a channel to have something new and positive. I love to share these experiences and knowledge with friends and people with similar interests. This site is one additional step to share this interest.

About me…

One thing that will be notorious is my biased preference for green color; you will notice this preference all over this site, I truly believe green color is the best!

Currently I work in the Information Technology field, particularly on the security side of it, which is great, considering I need to apply much of what I crave for, continuous learning and curiosity. Of course, the focus on engineering divert a bit from my interest in fundamental science, yet I still consider these two subjects are compatible; by learning fundamental science topics, you can better understand the origin of practical things and technology products we use regularly and consider for granted. It is the effort required to transform these theories into practical technological solutions that we commonly use today what these two areas combine.

About Science. 

For me the interest in science has been there for a long time, starting in my teen years when I just to impatiently wait for the new editions of scientific magazines and through some books I could fetch about this subject; and the excitement to know about new things and theories, and better understand the known ones. This passion hasn’t diminished throughout the years and in fact it has intensified; I’ve always consider that the more you learn about an interesting subject the more intriguing this information becomes and the search for the little details intensifies. But I believe this is just part of the fun, the other part is the opportunity to share these ideas and knowledge with like-minded persons.

About my posts.

Finally, I want to state that, at the best of my capacity and means, I will do my best on my English posts to make them clean and make me understand accurately; this considering that English is not my mother language, although now I feel so comfortable with it that is interesting to notice how I can better describe more succinctly some ideas in English than in Spanish; of course, the opposite is still true, but I find exciting to notice how a new language can grow on you. Yet still I feel there might be occasions where the grammar on my sentences can feel dissonant or even awkward; so, I’ll appreciate your patience on those potential mistakes, from the site’s name to the post comments.

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So, without any further comments, please enjoy the site; and I hope you become subscribers too. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Regards, Alex – Science Kindle.


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