Total Solar Eclipse – August 21st, 2017

Here’s a special installment about the recent Eclipse on August 21st; the eclipse was with us and now is in the past, but the excitement of this experience is still here.

This definitely was a once in a lifetime experience, with lots of enjoyment, a couple of temper tantrums (mine, no one to blame), lots of research and the opportunity to meet great people. The location was ideal, changed on the eclipse day due to some weather conditions concerns moving from Grand Rivers, KY, and with the final placement picked by my wife Eloisa, and by approximately another 100 families and groups of friends, just in the outskirts of Hopkinsville KY.    

And about this family trip here are some interesting statistics:

  • 6-day road trip
  • 4 different states. 
  • 5 different hotels.
  • 7 food chains visited, three previously unknown.
  • 1820 miles traveled.

About places seen:

  • 5 major cities.
  • 5 Nuclear power plants
  • 2 wind farms
  • 2 solar energy farms.
  • 2 steel factories.
  • Innumerable farms
  • One Castle (Martin Castle in Lexington KY)
  • Record of 16 church buildings in less than 25 miles traveled.
  • One giant traffic jam (commute lasting 9:20 hours instead of 2:40 hours)
  • 2 major detours due to closed bridges.
  • 4 letters with eclipse stamps and postmark on the eclipse day! (for philately value!)

Postmark on the eclipse day.

  • 183 minutes of solar eclipse.
  • 159 seconds of totality!

So, you might wonder, is it worth it?

You bet it does, no contest!

No more to say for the moment; I hope you enjoy the video of this spectacular event. And get ready for the next one in our region; on April 8th, 2024. 

 Regards, Alex-ScienceKindle.

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